Who We Are

Founded in 1980, Effectiveness Institute is a group of training and consulting professionals who are experts in team performance. Our purpose is to build and sustain high performance cultures within client organizations and to strengthen professional relationships.

Our Philosophy

All enterprises rise or fall on the ability of diverse individuals to work together. They must give and receive feedback, resolve conflict, promote ideas, be loyal, motivate others and deal with their emotions and the emotions of others. When these individuals are committed to a common purpose — and treat each other with trust and respect — performance is maximized.
Traditionally, these concepts have been described as “soft skills.” We call them “people skills.” At Effectiveness Institute, we believe that they are the critical success factors for managers and employees at all levels of every organization.

Our History

Effectiveness Institute was founded by Dr. Bill Maynard and Tom Champoux in 1980. However, their collaboration goes back to the late sixties and early seventies when they were both inner-city educators in the Seattle School District. The philosophy and strategies used to turn around hostile high school situations were not a fluke. They proved to be equally effective in the business world as they were in school environments, so in 1980 the Effectiveness Institute was founded in Redmond, Washington.

Over the years, the scope and volume of work has grown. Our consultants, partners and affiliates have served individuals, teams and organizations nationally and internationally.