Why Understand Your Behavior Style?

An individual’s behavior tends to be predictable. Conversational tone, gestures, words, the way a person makes decisions, solves problems and reacts to tension all generally follow a consistent behavior pattern or “Style”.  Much of the unproductive conflict that occurs between people is due to a lack of awareness of Behavior Style differences.  Effective relationships and groups recognize, appreciate and proactively incorporate these differences.

Each Behavior Style has unique strengths and blind spots, and no one style is essentially better than another.

There are four major preferences that differ between each Behavior Style. They are:

  • The way people make decisions.
  • The way people achieve quality, accuracy and perfection.
  • The type of environment people prefer to work in.
  • The way people interact with others.

Through this class, you can learn to understand how each style is different in these four areas and what that means as it relates to the Behavior Style of your colleagues, friends, families and customers.