People Skills (2-Day Course)

People Skills provides the skills and strategies to enable individuals to work together successfully. People Skills emphasizes the importance of building trust, respect and commitment to common goals.

Through our two day workshop, you will learn how to build upon your strengths and how to tap into the knowledge and skills of others, especially people with whom you have a difficult time getting along. People Skills will help you discover techniques for responding to conflict and creating a win-win.
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“Loved stories tied to value sharing exercise on Day 1; last exercise on Day 2 was powerful and delightful.”
- Colleen Yamaguchi, EDI

“I gained some new tools to assist me with co-workers in a more productive way; facilitating better communication. More awareness and new awareness of my impact on others.”
-  Tom Douglas Restaurants

“I learned what my impact is on others and also how to work with people from other styles and to appreciate what they bring to the table.”
- Sellen Construction Company

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