Navigating Conflict
If you’ve ever lost sleep over conflict in the workplace, you’re not alone.  Conflict can damage relationships and slow down performance and productivity.

In this hands-on program participants acquire tools to improve work relationships by harnessing the potential positive energy conflict presents, and skills to effectively navigate its danger zones.

This program combines foundational theory with practical skill application to walk toward conflict while honoring individual dignity. Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the most common triggers to conflict   
• Complete a self-inventory to identify your common reactions to conflict
• Learn how brain science informs our understanding of conflict
• Practice using language which increases your likelihood of positive outcomes
• Learn to create and clarify expectations
• Discover how to address unexpected variables
• Explore the positive uses of accountability in gaining changes in poor performance
• Learn communication skills that can deescalate conflict, even when emotions are engaged
• Utilize a personal case study to apply all course concepts to YOUR real life
• Take away three tools which will help you apply what you’ve learned, prepare for future encounters, assess
your own performance after conflict and continually move toward mastering conflict management

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“Navigating conflict is the single most important class that we offer.  We have had other courses that address conflict,
but this is the best that we have seen.  The course breaks the cause of conflict into easily understandable bites with actionable ways to address and resolve it.”

Therese M. Dickerson, CPLP
Bank of Hawaii

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