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Our Philosophy

To understand the various dynamics and critical success factors involved in organizations, and to demonstrate the importance of balance we created the Dual Performance Cycle. Organizations measure performance using certain metrics, such as ROI, Customer Satisfaction, Productivity and Retention. When efforts are made to improve the metrics, organizations commonly focus on the left side (Task/Systems) of the Dual Performance Cycle. While this is important and critical to success, research demonstrates that the right side of the cycle (People/Teams) dramatically impacts performance metrics.

Traditionally, competencies related to the right side of the Dual Performance Cycle have been described as "soft skills." People/Team skills are related to the ability to give and receive feedback, manage conflict, promote ideas, inspire others and manage emotions: theirs and others. Balance is the key: technically competent individuals (left side) who demonstrate emotional intelligence that builds trust and respect (right side) always maximize performance.

At Effectiveness Institute, our work focuses on creating and sustaining high performance in all levels of the organization by improving the effectiveness of leaders and teams.


Effectiveness Institute serves the development needs of organizations across industries by offering tools,
programs and services that provide measurable performance improvement in teams, institutions and leaders.