Leveraging Team Dynamics
Building a powerful team begins with understanding the individual behavior styles that make up the team and then creating a purposeful strategy to leverage team strengths and address team blindspots.  A team that takes time to identify and address issues impacted by style differences and similarities will gain productivity through more effective and stronger communication and greater collaboration among team members.

Leveraging Team Dynamics provides the framework and exercises for teams to discover ways to be more competent.  Individuals will understand their behavior style preference and its impact on the team, and team members will discover and commit to ways in which they can be more effective.

• Gain clarity and deliver on the role or purpose of the team
• Become aware of addressing communication gaps and facilitate more effective meetings
• Understand how the team can be more effective when initiating and implementing ideas and plans
• Learn the dynamics that go into team decision making and action
• Understand the impact of tension and conflict on the team
• Learn how the team responds to organizational change

The end result of this tool and process is a plan of action that will result in a more cohesive and effective team.

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