Talking to Styles lets you rapidly profile your contacts for their behavior style preference and receive quick tips on how best to communicate with them when they call.

  • Create a contact profile by answering 10 questions.
  • Gain insights about the best way to communicate and work with your contact.

When they call, style prompts appear.*

talking to styles

Select the store for your phone.
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Learn More about the iPhone App.

Learn More about the Android App.

The app is a great stand-alone tool and can also be used to reinforce and apply information from People Skills program.

*In order for the app to be fully functional after the iOS6 update you may have to grant special permissions in your user settings allowing access to your contacts:

  1. Enter the main "Settings" app on your device.
  2. Select "Privacy"
  3. Select "Contacts"
    *any application that has requested access to your contacts will appear in this section.

Ensure the “Talking to Styles” switch is turned to "On".


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