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Effectiveness Institute and Geoteaming Announce Strategic Partnership

On Feb 19th, Effectiveness Institute CEO George Myers and Geoteaming CEO John Chen signed a strategic partnership to expand their training impact to their clients. Effectiveness Institute’s Behavior Style assessment will be combined with Geoteaming’s TeamOS (Team Operating System) to help clients increase their team performance and help them become part of the top 1% of all teams.

Geoteaming has pioneered TeamOS over the past 23 years and has developed a team building program that can help you turn your team into a top 1% team in a year. This program includes a GPS-based simulation that helps diagnose team building and cross-team collaboration in a company. By analyzing over 300 gigabytes of their data, they can identify why winning teams win and what coaching is needed. A customized program is created from this analysis and coaches the team to high performance in the course of a year. Performance gains can include decreases in team time to completion by 10-80%.

Over the past 40 years, Effectiveness Institute has been using their proven tools and training programs to create breakthroughs in the way individuals, teams, and organizations perform. Their popular Behavior Style assessment is unique in comparison to other more personality-based assessments. Focusing on behavior, which frequently changes based on the situation, allows for the skill development of recognizing and adapting behavior in the moment to fill a need and create a more positive impact on others—which is an essential aspect of effective teamwork.

Geoteaming and Effectiveness Institute are collaborating with companies such as Boeing and EDI to help improve their team performance. Team members complete Effectiveness Institute’s Behavior Style assessment prior to a TeamOS program. Groups are formed using the assessment results for maximum benefit. Some companies choose to put all of one type on a team to illustrate the importance of “rotating your iceberg” (i.e., temporarily modifying ones behavior) for the benefit of the team. Geoteaming expands on their video analysis by highlighting Behavior Styles and showing the best examples of how applying Behavior Style knowledge and skills help create maximum results. Clients get experience and training that improve results, reduce time to execution, and increase workplace effectiveness and morale.

“We are proud to officially partner with Geoteaming and recognize how they have used our Behavior Style assessment to create additional benefits for our shared clients. We look forward to expanding this benefit and creating new content using Geoteaming’s video analysis for real-life examples of our Behavior Style assessment in action,” says Myers.

“George is a master of Effectiveness Institute’s Behavior Style assessment. He was even able to identify the winning team merely by watching them form their team name and cheer. We want to bring the benefits to Geoteaming’s client on how to identify and increase team effectiveness using Effectiveness Institute’s research and technology. We are excited that our partnership will help bring these benefits to a wider set of clients who value teamwork and collaboration,” says Chen.

For more information, please contact John Chen at john@geoteaming.com, 877-652-0875, or Cindi Johnston  at cindi@effectivenessinstitute.com, 206-931-7524.

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  1. Congratulations to The Effectiveness Institute and to John at Geoteaming! Having worked with you both, I’m excited to see your how your programs will come together for maximum impact! What a team!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dana! We’re very glad to have you as part of the Effectiveness Institute community as well.

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